At a supermarket queue, if you are approached with:

*Can you let me go first?”

*Can you let me go first as I am rushing to work. I am already late.”

Most people would response favourably to the second one.

The reason? The reason is because there is a REASON.


When people do not give any reason, it is too general and we have to depend on our subconscious mind to feedback to us. Normally it will not be a positive one. The response we get could be that the person is trying to take advantage of us.

When a reason is given, and the person is polite, we know the answer immediately. In this situation, we are more likely to say yes.

There are a few reasons:

a. We want to help people.

b. We want to show our kindness.

c. We feel obliged (especially you have a trolley of items and that person has only 2 items).


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