Resistance To Trance

It is a fact that not everyone wants to be hypnotized.  Some people have a strong resistance towards being hypnotized.

If you were a hypnotherapist, what would you do? Just give up? Force the person to go into trance? Of course not!

What you can do is to adopt the opposite method of hypnosis known as indirect suggestions. People are resistant towards something because of their conscious mind. That mind is critical and does not easily believe in things. So instead of meeting it head on, we have to use a softer approach.

Example 1

Direct suggestion: Now close your eyes and relax.

Indirect suggestion: After a while, your eyes will be getting more tired, and you may then proceed to close your eyes.

Example 2

Direct suggestion: Start relaxing your leg muscles.

Indirect suggestion: In order to relax yourself and feel its benefits, you may begin to by relaxing your leg muscles.


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