Fear Of Light?

Almost everyone in this world has some fear about darkness. What if I tell you that people also has fear of light?

It is true.

We can easily make opinion or judgement or criticise people if we do not like their face, voice, ideas, opinion and a thousand things. This is not limited to a specific group, but include people who are successful, failure, of prominent status, rich, poor and so on. In other words, we criticise when we feel like doing it and it seems there is nothing inhibiting us.

Funnily, we do not see ourselves in the same light as the successful, guru, expert and talented people when it comes to sharing our stories, experience and thoughts. For eg, we all are capable of writing a book but most keep this down and convince themselves otherwise. They think only some people are gifted in this area and they are just not one of them.

This is fear of light! It is conditioned (hypnotised) into us.

Now you realise this. What are you going to do about it?


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