Bed-wetting is also called nocturnal enuresis.  It is an involuntary urination. The person cannot control the urine or simply put, not even consciously aware that he needs to urine at that particular moment. This is a common occurrence and should be viewed as normal in a child development.

Bed-wetting commonly happens in children from age 5 to 7. Some may even continue it after 7.

What could be the cause?

  1. A small bladder that could not hold a bigger capacity of urine.
  2. Urinary Tract Infection.
  3. Hormone imbalance or a lack of Anti-Diuretic hormone during sleep.
  4. Link with stress and anxiety, such as being in an unfamiliar environment.
  5. Family history – inherited gene.
  6. Attention Deficit Disorder

It may cause several unpleasantness like the child feels embarrassed; having a foul smell; have to constantly change bedsheet; psychological impact on the child resulting in low self-esteem.

But bed-wetting can be treated. Some of the cures include:

–  Placing a bedwetting alarm.  This is a form of therapy where flexible wires are connected to alarm unit and on a pad place under the pant. When the child starts to have a first few urine drips out, it will detect and the alarm will sound to wake the child up so that he can go to the toilet to continue his urine. This is a conditioned response.

  • A common treatment is the use of synthetic anti-diuretic hormone called desmopressin that controls urine at night.
  • Motivate the child, explains to him the importance of hygiene and not to reprimand him.
  • Bladder control – however this requires brain, nerves and muscle co-ordination
  • evelop a bedtime routine of drinking less water at night and not taking water an hour before sleep.
  • Wear a disposable absorbent underpants so as to avoid wetting the bed.
  • Avoid intake of caffeine

In addition to the above, parents can get self-hypnosis tape to help the child overcome this problem. If they understand English and can follow instruction well, this would be an effective form of treatment.

The reason why bed-wetting occurs mostly in children is because children can easily enter into hypnosis (or the subconscious part of their mind). If they do not have a good training or awareness of going toilet when they feel like urinating, then it may be etched in their subconscious mind. Another reason could be they are too deeply asleep such that they are not consciously aware the need to wake up for urine.

Since it is a subconscious issue, the recommended way is to use a subconscious treatment. Hypnosis will relax your child, asks him to imagine being in a very relaxed setting and enjoying his favourite drink. He is thirsty and drinks a lot. After a while his bladder is bloated. He is suggested to go to toilet when he feels a need to urinate. This suggestion is planted in the child’s subconscious mind so that it can re-program and form an association between “need to urine” and “going to the toilet”.