Switch On The Mind Power

Have you use electricity before? Sure you have! In order to use it, do you undergo training, take up courses or read tons of books? Definitely no!

All you have to do is know when and what to use. The “when” refers to the time you want to use it eg when you wake up you switch it on in order to see clearly. The “what” refers to the type of electricity you want ie. to use for boiling water, switch on TV or turn on the lamp.

Our mind is akin to electricity. We do not need to know how it actually works in order to use it. What we need to do is know the “what” – what method to use to turn on the mind power. The “when” is about the day/time you want to use it.

If you are using hypnosis as a method to switch on your mind power, then that is the “what”.