The Boredom Technique


Even boredom can be used as a hypnosis tool.

Yes, it is one of the natural induction method.

What happen when you are bored?

– Your Mind begin to drift away

– You stare blankly at something and your mind is also in a blank

– You yawn and yawn

– You don’t feel positive emotions like happy, enthusiastic, excited etc

Let us say if you start talking of a topic that your friend has no interest in, observe what he or she would do. 

Boredom is a fast way to send a person into a trance. People may not detect that you are putting them into hypnosis because being boring is so natural.


The Different Induction

There exist many induction techniques to get people into a hypnotic state. It ranges from techniques that involves the eyes, the head, the hand, the posture, the muscles, the breathing, the arms and so on.

These techniques uses the relaxation of the mind and body or the use of words to put the person into state eg. the word sleepy, drowsy, dizzy etc.

Whether an induction is a fast one (ie it takes seconds) or a long one that takes 20 minutes or so, it revolves around mind/body and words.