Word Intensity

One single word can have other words that are synonymous in meaning.

The following is an illustration:

Explode (sound like a bomb or land mine erupting, which feels scary)

Flare up (the word “up” gives an impression that the temperature is rising)


Pissed off


These are words with meaning quite similar but the intensity is definitely different.

The level of intensity will give reader a different feeling.

If I say that I am pissed off compared to I want to explode. Which word gives great emotional intensity?



If there is one word that I like most and feel it should stands out from the many hypnotic power words such as “new”, “revolutionary”, “free”, “secret”, “outstanding”, “instantly” etc, it is this word SIMPLE!

Yes, “simple” should be a main hypnosis word that people like and pay attention to.

In fact, Nature is about simplicity. There is no complexity, difficulty, confusion. It is direct and to the point. The sun rises from the east – is this difficult to understand? I doubt so. The tide rolls in to the sandy beach and retreat back and it moves back and forth. Is this hard to comprehend?

Our society has hypnotised us into believing things are tough, difficult, complicated. It is time to de-hypnotised ourselves and focus on the word “simple”.

Simple, isn’t it?