The Key To Hypnosis

What is the key to hypnosis?

There is more than 1 key. There are a few.

It depends on what type of hypnosis we are talking about:

In hypnotherapy session, Relaxation is the key.

In stage hypnosis, the physical parts of our body is the key eg the eyes and the head.

In street hypnosis, subconscious related words is the key.

In self-hypnosis, Relaxation enhanced by music is the key.


Hypnotherapy For Business People

Business people or entrepreneurs are one of the people who need to handle tremendous amount of stress.

Unlike most people who work at a 9-5 job and whose main concern is about their own work, businessmen have to be concerned about every departments in his company. Though there are managers and staff in each department, the sole responsibilities still rest on the businessmen’ shoulder.

Besides, he has to be vigilant of competition and economic changes or political changes that may adversely affect his business.

Therefore it is pertinent that they not only need to de-stress but also manage stress effectively.

They can do so through a few sessions of hypnotherapy.


In my earlier post, I mentioned a term called “Amnesia”. It means a temporary loss of memory which could happen during hypnosis.

There is another word associated with memory but on the other end of the spectrum, and that is “Hypermnesia”.

Hypermnesia is a vivid recollection of memory with attention to details as well. This could happen when a person is in trauma or in hypnosis. It is considered abnormal because it is unlikely that a person could have such good recollection of a particular event.