Definition Of Hypnosis

You may have come across many definitions of hypnosis such as it is a heightened state of focus; it is relaxation; trance state and so on.

Here is my definition:

“When you are not in your conscious mind zone, you are in the subconscious mind zone. If you are there, you have entered into hypnosis.”


Hypnosis – Nature’a Gift

Nature has bestowed us with a wonderful planet and quite a number of great gifts, one of which is hypnosis.

A better way of viewing hypnosis is that it is a necessity for our life, without which we could not function normally.

Let me explain. Hypnosis occurs when we drift away from our conscious mind into the subconscious mind. We cannot forever operate our mind at the conscious level, even a short extended time will render us going crazy. This is because there are simply too many activities/events/ stimuli happening around us . Our conscious mind alone is unable to cope.

Thus, having a subconscious mind allow us to be free from information overload. It exists to work hand-in-hand with our conscious mind so that we can function properly and to truly experience and enjoy life.

Which Should Come First? (Answer)

The conscious mind should be the first to use.

When we are learning new things, we put in conscious effort to research, analyse, reason and memorise. These are the functions of our conscious mind.

After some time of repeating the actions, we do it more effortlessly. The subconscious mind does the work for us automatically.

The same applies to remember new faces. First you make a conscious remembering using whatever method, and your subconscious mind surface it to you the next time you want to recall.

The same when you go for a tour. You consciously take in the images of the things, people and places. They then enter into the subconscious mind as memory. You recall using your subconscious mind.