Scripting For Relaxation

I found that the beach scene is a good place to allow a person to go deep into relaxation.  It could be used as an induction method to gradually “transport” a person from wakeful state into a hypnotic state.  The ability to relax is a golden key to people of today who are so used to a hectic and rushing life.  Many have even forgotten how to relax to benefit their mind and body.

The following is one way of scripting for this deep relaxation induction:

<<The time now is several minutes before the sunrise.  You are alone walking slowly on a vast and white sandy beach.  There is no one in sight.  The beach is extremely quiet from the noise and humdrum of a stereotype city. There are also no people talking.  You are free from all these daily noises. All you can hear is nature’s sound. And the sound is so soothing.  It literally nourishes your mind, body and soul.

You have come to the middle of the long-stretched beach.  Here, it feels to you as if it is the central support of your life.  You unwittingly stop and sit on the beach.  You look up at the far horizon of the sky, it has a combination of the colour grey, blue, white and a little orange.  It is a perfect scene. As you are watching it, you start to feel relaxed. You lie down on the beach, and your whole body feels really relaxed because of the soft sand.  You use your hand to touch and hold the sand.  It has a smooth texture.  Now you look up at the vast sky, and as you are looking at it, you feel a little drowsy.  The vastness has taken you to the next level of relaxation.  You take a few deep breath and feel life energy circulating in your body.

In this drowsy state, you feel the incoming tide slowly washes your feet, then up to your entire legs.  The gradual sweeping in of the tide makes you feel great.  Its temperature is just nice. After a while, it begins to wash further up to your body and caress your body.  Your body is now soaked with the sea water and sinking deeper into the wet white sand.  It surely feels relaxing.  And with each incoming tide, your body relaxes further.  Now, the tide washes up to your head.  You could feel your entire body relaxed. Now that your entire body is relaxed, you feel even more sleepy.  Your whole body is loosening up. Your eyes are feeling heavy and tired and you begin to close your eyes.

When your eyes are closed, you could hear the sound made by some seagulls from afar.  It is a soothing sound that lulls you further into relaxation.  It makes you feel a part of nature.  And the sea breeze has taken on and is blowing at your direction.  You have a deep feeling what a great life you are having.  With the wind gently touching your face and body, you can hear the nearby trees branches swaying and the leaves rustle.  It forms a celestial music to your ears.  At this moment, all your body are loose and limp.  Your mind is calm and free from any worries.  It is no longer thinking of the stressful life at work.  You have let them go and your mind and body are in tune with nature. 

You have now enter into a deep relaxation….>>

The reasons why the beach scene is a good hypnosis induction method is because of the compounding effect of the following words:

  1. The soft white sand
  2. The vast sky
  3. The quietness
  4. Nature’s sound (seagull, trees)
  5. The gentle breeze
  6. The sea water
  7. The deep breathing

In conjunction with the above, notice the word “relax” is used repeatedly to enhance the relaxing effect. Other words for relaxation are also used:

  1. Before the sunrise
  2. Walking slowly
  3. Vast and white sandy beach
  4. Extremely quiet
  5. Soothing
  6. Nourishes
  7. Drowsy
  8. Loose and limp
  9. Feeling heavy and tired
  10. Gently touching
  11. Celestial music
  12. Lull
  13. Calm
  14. Free from worries
  15. In tune with nature

The beach scene is an ideal and vivid picture scene that not only help people to relax, but slowly enter into a hypnotic state – a state where we communicate with our subconscious mind.