Characteristics of Hypnosis


With the fast-paced society we are living in, getting ourselves to relax seems to be a Luxury.  We are not even talking about total relaxation.  Being able to relax partially is already not easy for us to do, let alone total mind and body relaxation.  Therapy using Hypnosis can allow your mind and body to relax.  In fact, you have to go through this process to get into a hypnotic state. And you will emerge from hypnosis feeling light, this is because you have learnt to relax your mind and body.


Everyday we are bombarded with hundreds of things that are happening to us and round us.  We can’t possibly cope with all these stimuli happening around us, let alone those that take place internally. Our conscious mind is limited, that is why we have another mind called the subconscious mind.  It exists to let us get away from being overwhelmed by these many activities. Imagine that out of the hundreds of things, when we decided to focus and do just one or two things, we literally block out the rest.  They don’t disappear at all, it is just that we have put in at the back of our mind, taking a less priority. Focus is one key characteristics of hypnosis.  It allows us to concentrate on one thing and temporarily disregard other things.

Highly Suggestible

During hypnosis, our conscious mind takes a back seat and our subconscious mind comes to the forefront.  As you may know, our conscious mind is both critical and judgmental.  Any data that goes through it will be scrutinized and examined.  It may thus block out some data that it thinks are not to be taken in.  Conversely, our subconscious mind does not criticize or judge.  It willingly takes in the data.  It is highly suggestible. That is why during hypnosis, the suggestions given by the hypnotherapist is taken in without being throw back (unless it is something that violates our moral code or standard behaviours).


I believe you are very familiar with imagination and visualization.  Imagination is part of the hypnosis process.  Imagination is believed to be 10 times more powerful than words. Imagination and creativity are the compartments of the right brain.  And our right brain is the portal to our subconscious mind.  Your imagination during hypnosis becomes very effective since it comes in pictures or images, they are the language of the subconscious mind.

Trance State

Hypnosis is a trance state.  Trance state is a state of drowsiness. We enter into this state rather easily and commonly.  An example is before you fall asleep. When we are drowsy, our conscious mind normally cannot think properly.  When this happens, the subconscious mind takes over.