Stop Smoking


Some people feel cool when they smoke.  And this could be one of the main reasons why people have difficulty quitting smoking. Yes, the reasons that people give themselves are an important determinant whether they can find the motivations to quit in the first place. Let us dive into their reasons to smoke:

  1. It looks cool to smoke especially for those who want to project a certain image. Eg. Businessman looks cool with a cigarette in his mouth as it projects a person of authority. Young people look cool because they are ‘in’ with his group of friends or they simply want to stand out from among his friends.
  2. It relieves stress. Most people who smoke are in this category. These people are usually working people, be it blue collar or white collar. They want to relieve from the stressful life.

Why do people want to quit smoking or are advised to quit by their family members, friends or colleagues? The likely reasons are:

  • It will deteriorate the health. Smoker may contract some health illnesses like lung cancer, bronchitis disease, heart problem, kidney failure, bad cough etc if he continues the light-up.
  • Smoker does not portray a good image – one being a mouth of yellow teeth and the other is foul smell.
  • When a smoking person exhales his puff, the smoke is inhaled by the people around them. If they smoke at home, their family members inhale the smoke and this is equivalent to the whole family smoking.
  • It is costly to maintain smoking. Assume one pack of cigarette costs $10 and you smoke a pack per day. This would be $300 per month or $3600 per year.  If you are already smoking for 10 years, you have spent $36,000 on cigarette alone. This is only money spent on your cigarette, and it has not factor in other considerations like seeing doctor due to poor health.

There are a handful of ways to quit smoking, some medical-related methods include using chewing gum, nicotine patch, inhalators, tablets and mouth spray. Other ways to  quit include:

  1. Do exercise – As obvious as it may seem, exercise is definitely good for our overall health. Whatever type of exercise or workout you are doing, be it brisk walking, jogging, aerobic exercise, it generally lets you take in more oxygen, improves your blood circulation, keep you mentally and physically energetic. A healthy living must incorporate an exercise regime.
  2. Use positive thinking – Thinking positively is a way of life. If you are not thinking positively, you most likely are thinking negatively.  Keep your thoughts on good and empowering things. Use a different perspective to see things and things will turn out to be better for you.
  3. Use a substitute – If your mind all along has something to look towards (in this case, smoking), you just cannot stop suddenly and then leave a void. Your mind will surely find its ways back to the usual cravings – nicotine. As such, you need to find something quite similar to it as a replacement. If you smoke because of stress, ask yourself what things in your life can also help you relieve stress. Perhaps listening to classical music is your way to de-stress, so you may plan to listen more to classical music as a replacement. Or perhaps doing some gardening can help you turn away from your stressful life. 
  4. Dash your association – If you smoke, chances are you have certain associations or links to smoking. As mention at the beginning, find out why you smoke and try to de-link it.

But in many occasions, people report ineffectiveness in their methods to quit smoking.  

If we understand why people fail to cease smoking, then half the battle is won.  The reason is simple.  Most methods that people adopt require mental and conscious effort to fight the nicotine cravings. What they should do is to use less willpower. Some methods people used are more of physical application. Since smoking is like an addiction, you can only effectively solve it at the thoughts level. Is there such a way, you may ask? Yes, one effective way is hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is a subconscious communication therapy.  As you know, craving for something or addicted to something is a habit and habit resides in our subconscious mind. That explains why it takes gigantic efforts to quit smoking if you are using pure willpower.  It may even backfire. Metaphorically, it is like a big tree trying to withstand a hurricane. The tree may be big and strong, but it is still  no match for the hurricane. Conversely, small grasses can triumph in the face of the hurricane.  This is because it is flexible enough to move in the direction of the strong wind.

Hypnotherapy does not let your conscious mind fights against the unwanted habits, but merely bypass your conscious mind and go direct to the subconscious mind.  There, where there is least amount of resistance, only then can the positive suggestions take place and makes changes for you,

Hypnotherapy is a very cost effective method, and statistics has shown that many people successfully quit smoking in about 6 sessions. If one session costs $150, six sessions only costs you $900. 

You can strengthen its effectiveness by listening to self-hypnosis tape after your  sessions are completed.