Side Effects Of Hypnosis

Does hypnosis or hypnotherapy has any side effects?  Of course there is.  There is always 2 sides to the coin.  Anything in this world has its benefits and non-benefits.  This is a natural law.

Now, it is not whether a thing has side effect or not but what kind of side effects does it have and is it serious.

Let us go through:


Some people experience headache after the hypnosis session.  One reason for having a headache could be due to the body lying on a recliner and not moving during a session of at least 45 minutes. Though the body muscles are all relaxed, the lying position may not be done properly especially at the neck portion. 

Experiencing headache is not a serious side effect.  We all occasionally have headache due to various factors: not enough sleep, poor sleeping position, take too much oily or heaty food, not drinking enough water, weather is too hot, work too stressful and many others.

Solution: Hypnotherapist can ensure that client lies down in proper position and takes water after the session.  She could also rest for a while before moving the body after emerging from the hypnotherapy session.


Anxiety is common especially if a person has no prior experience of hypnosis.  It is a result of fearing the unknown. The normal reaction is that if he enters into hypnosis, he is concerned if he will lose control of his mind or is he able to emerge from hypnosis properly.

Solution: Hypnotherapist can give a clear explanation of what hypnosis is about.  The person undergoing hypnosis can also view some videos of hypnosis before attending a practical session so as to understand better.


Feeling drowsy or dizzy is a natural process. When we enter into hypnosis, our mind would tend to feel drowsy.  You would feel sleepy or drowsy when you are about to fall asleep and when you just open your eyes and lying on bed after a night’s sleep.  This is in fact not to be considered as a side effect of hypnosis. But for discussion purpose I included this in.

Solution: Since it is a natural occurence, there is nothing much we can do to avoid.  Just be sure that after a hypnosis session and if you are feeling drowsy, do not start to walk or drive immediately.  Sit down and have a rest to let the drowsiness slowly goes away. You can wash your face to freshen yourself up.

False memories

Having a false memory happens normally in a regression session.  Regression is a process whereby the hypnotherapist brings the person back the timeline to the time an event occurred or even to the starting cause of a particular emotional trauma. The person has to relive the experience which has been repressed for many years.  When they are not able to properly cope with it, some people would react with great emotional upheaval during and after the session. False memories may be a result of the person’s mind being confused. During hypnosis there could exist distortion of some sorts, such as time distortion. People often experience time is travelling slowly when they are absorbed with a particular task they like but when they look at the clock, what seems like half an hour has turned to 2 hours of time passed.

Solution: Distortion is another common occurrence in hypnosis.  It is not really a side effect.  There is nothing much we can do about it. It is inherently in the process. But having a basic knowledge of hypnosis and knowing beforehand that distortion is not a real problem would be sufficient.


Most people would feel their mind and body being light after a hypnosis session.  They felt more refreshed and energetic. This is because they have a good relaxation that they never have had for a long period of time. In reverse, there are people who feel lethargic.  This is like a person who sleeps for 12 hours in the hope that he will wake up full of energy but only to realize that he is more tired after a long sleep.

Solution:  Subject who undergoes the session is best to follow as per the instruction given by the hypnotherapist.  When a suggestion is given to relax the thigh muscle, follow it exactly. Do not ignore it or jump queue. Only then would the person achieve the desired mind and body relaxation. Another explanation is that the person is simply too exhausted and that the hypnosis induction to relax is too short a time and before the body can achieve the relaxation, the hypnosis session is over.

Attention deficit             

After the session, if a person feels a lack of concentration, it is largely due to the person’s mind is still wandering between the wakeful state and the sleepy alpha state.

Solution: If you feel attention deficit after emerging from hypnosis for quite a while, just know that it is no big deal.  As explain above, the mind is frequently transitioning between the 2 mind consciousness.  In fact, this is exactly how our mind works. If need be, do some body stretch, walk around or splash some water on the face.