Shopping Spree

Shopping spree is defined as shopping excessively and in an extravagant way. In other words, the person is addicted to shopping.  It goes beyond the normal habits of doing things.  It gets to a point of being too involved or obsessed with it. It has interwoven into their life and become a ritual.

Most people like shopping.  This includes actual buying of stuff and mere window shopping. Occasional shopping is very alright because it helps to relieve our stress when we shop around to purchase something we like either for necessity or to pamper ourselves. You could also feel the relaxed atmosphere when you are doing shopping, since most people go there to unwind themselves. 

Shopping gives people happiness. Like everything else, just be aware not to get overboard.

If you start to shop every day or every other day and do so by buying a lot of stuff (including those items that you hardly use), then you are in an excessive shopping mode.

Shopping may not have much negative effects in your life.  One pronounced effect could be your finance.  The money spent on shopping, especially purchasing those expensive or luxury items, would quickly diminish money in your wallet.

And by the way, the definition of “shopping” in today’s term also includes online shopping.  Online shopping could be even more scary than visiting a shopping centre and shops.  This is due to the convenience of purchase.  At the comfort of your home, or anywhere such as while waiting for a bus or in a train, you could just take out your handphone and go right into websites in search of things you like. It has become too convenient.  There are so many things available for your choice and it could be anywhere in the world. When you find something you like, all you need to do is take out your credit card and make the payment.  The online company will even take care by delivering your ordered goods right to your door step. It is so irresistible, isn’t it?

What causes a compulsion in shopping? The reason is mainly psychological.  A feeling of loneliness – you need to get rid of the boredom.  A feeling of stress, be it personal stress or work stress. A feeling of impulse. For whatever the cause may be, one thing is almost certain and that is the person feels a sense of satisfaction, even to the point of euphoria.

If you have been indulging in shopping and are getting pleasure out of it, and it has negative impact in your life such that your finance is in a red, you need to do something about it.

But it is not always easy to eliminate a habit especially when it is tied to psychological and emotional reason. You need a treatment or therapy to help you resolve it.

Any kind of behavioural disorder would require much more powerful and effective form of treatment.

Seek the help of a hypnotherapist!  This is an effective therapeutic solution to behavioural-related issues. Since the subconscious mind is the place where emotions are deeply seated, the use of hypnotherapy or hypnosis tape can treat this disorder.