Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a chronic disorder.  It is also known as alcoholism.  In today’s society, drinking seems to be a norm.  This is regardless whether you are from a western country, living in Asia or residing in Africa.  Many cultures support drinking.

Yes, it is not the taking of alcohol or wine that is the problem. In fact, it is very okay to take in moderation certain type of alcohol eg. red wine or rice wine.  If you are living in a temperate country where you experience winter, like most people, taking some wine is a way to keep yourself warm. But you must remember to only drink in moderation and has a control on what you drink and how often you drink.

If you find yourself drinking excessively than usual, this could be an obvious sign.  Binge drinking is definitely not encouraged since it could intoxicate your health.

People who binge on drinking are mostly link to psychological and behavioural issues.

Some of the symptoms of person who is addicted include:

  • Excessive drinking ie. Takes in more than the usual
  • The urge to drink early in the morning
  • Always looking or searching for alcohol
  • Become withdrawn and start to show a lack of responsibility
  • Lose optimism and enthusiasm for life
  • Feels a lack of energy physically
  • Cannot think properly and judgement is affected
  • Not able to stand or walk properly
  • Result in blackout or not remembering things
  • Personality becomes aggressive
  • Do things that you may not do when you are normal eg. Stealing, involves in fighting etc.

If you do not stop or reduce alcohol intake, the prolong alcohol abuse could lead to dire consequences either to the drinker or people around you. For instance, an excessive drinker cannot stand or walk properly which may result him tripping over an obstacle, falls down and knocks his head on a hard object.  It could also be a case of being hit by a car. These are examples of events that could happen when in an unstoppable drinking mode.

Facing health hazard (which is a longer term) could be another issue.  Alcohol addiction is also associated with hundreds of diseases such as bone loss, increase cancer risk, kidney damaged, weaken immune system. In more serious case, it could lead to depression and suicide.

Addiction is about habit. When habit is out of control, addiction steps in. But there is one big issue when you attempt to cure alcohol drinking and that is how do you control habit?  Since habit is a habitual pattern that starts off with we consciously doing certain things until it becomes a routine and then the subconscious mind takes over by giving automatic responses without our thinking about it.

If you are a heavy drinker or you have family members, friends or colleagues who need help to cure the addiction, I would recommend the use of hypnotherapy.  If you want more convenience and privacy, you may use hypnosis audio recordings.

Hypnosis is about dealing with issues such as a habit that is formed in the subconscious mind.