The “Yes” Technique

The “Yes” technique is used in hypnosis induction.  

For instance, a hypnotherapist may ask the following question:

a. I believe you have had a time when you feel happy (client will recall and say Yes)

b. During the happy moment, did your body feel more relaxed than uptight? (client knew the answer and say Yes).

c. Do you want to create a moment where you feel relaxed and happy. (client will obviously say Yes).

And so one question after another will lead and pace the client into a hypnotic state.

This method is also adapted by sales person in closing sales. Example, a sales person selling house could ask his client:

a. Do you wish to get back to home early rather than late? 

b. If it could save you time on travelling, does it mean you have more available time for your family?

c.  If you spend more quality time with them, would it improve your relationship?

If the client is a family-oriented person, improving relationship with his family will be important. It is hard for him to say no.


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