The Milton Erickson Approach

If you have read my blog posts, you would know by now who is Milton Erickson.  He discovered conversational hypnosis and used indirect suggestions as his approach in hypnosis.

His approach is considered a maternal style since he does not believe in commanding his client to follow his words.  Instead, he believes that in each person there lies a deep reservoir of resources within his mind. When a person has problem, he could solve it himself since he has the resources available at any time.  Thus, Milton’s role is that of a facilitator, gently guiding the person to tap into his own resources

For example, a question may be asked “have you had a time when you feel extremely confident?” This question will prompt his client to pull out from his mind’s library an experience that matches what is asked. Then he may be told to relive that experience. This is an example of using your own resources to solve your problem.


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