Try Reframing Your Sentences

Pass me the newspaper!

Please pass me the newspaper!

Could you pass me the newspaper!

Don’t mind pass me the newspaper. Thank you!

Which sentences above make you feel like passing the newspaper and which one not?

It is obvious.  For me, I probably won’t pass the newspaper if I hear the first sentence. I am more obliged to do so if I hear sentences two to four.

Especially sentence 4 makes me feel good. First the word “don’t mind” is requesting you and giving you the decision power. Perhaps out of ego, most people would react favourably to “don’t mind”. It may seem that if they mind, that will make them petty.

And another magic word “Thank you” is expressed in advance before you bring the newspaper. When people hear these words, they will more automatically respond in a positive way.

Words are important because some words trigger our emotions positively and some negatively.  Words are hypnotic!


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