The Train Of Thoughts

The other day I was taking a train home. I have been taking the train and alighting at the same station almost every day. But on that day, I was deep in thoughts.  But I was still consciously aware of the surrounding environment.

Somehow, I felt a sure sense that the next station is the one that I will get down. Without thinking, I step out the train but it looks quite different from the one I always alight. It is the wrong station!

I believe you have had this similar encounter before.  

Then I began to track my thoughts to see how and what actually happened.  The ‘facts’ I collected are:

a. I was in deep thoughts

b. I give little conscious attention on the station’s name being announced

Ah, this seems to perfectly fit into the definition of hypnosis.  In hypnosis, the person is completely absorbed into one thing and has a focused attention on it. She excludes everything else and makes that one thing the main priority.


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