Can Hypnosis Improve Memory?


Memory is stored in subconscious mind

Memory is basically divided into 2 areas – the storing and the retrieving.

Storing means how you code the memory, through what senses do you use.

In retrieving or recalling the memory, is there any key things that are built around this which can assist in your recall? Eg. Is there any outstanding thing that you could remember when say, you keep your key? Perhaps it is first tied with a bright yellow ribbon and placed in a bright yellow place. With these, you could associate and retrieve the information.

If you are engaging as many senses as you could while carrying out activity, chances are you could remember it later. But let us assume you are sort of in a daze while doing the activity, you have difficulty remembering it later. How to solve this?

Use hypnosis, since memory is stored in our subconscious mind. It can guide you step-by-step to recalling it.


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