How To Change Belief?


Belief though sometime seem like hard rock, is still subjected to change.

There are 3 ways you can change it:

a. Question your belief

b. Find strong enough reasons

c. Look at it from another angle

Now let’s take a look at one belief – You could be stuck in hypnosis.

You may question this belief: if you think you could be stuck in hypnosis, then you could also be stuck in sleep since sleep is at a level deeper than hypnosis.

Find strong enough reasons: Hypnosis is a natural state, you can’t possibly be hurt in something so natural.

Look at it another way: when we say “stuck”, it means lock at a place and cannot come out. So, by saying “stuck in hypnosis”, it means we cannot use our logical thinking anymore. Is that possible? Not unless we are in a coma, isn’t it?


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