The Way You Present

If you were to attend a stage presentation, which scenario would you prefer?

Scenario 1:

Presenter goes on stage and say Hi and then introduce himself, talks a bit more and go right into the subject.

Scenario 2:

There are smokes coming from the top and bottom of the stage. You can see someone walks to the centre of stage. The person starts drawing something on a big flip chart. When the smoke subsides, you see a big face crazy frog smiling at you. He then asks the audience a question.

crazy froh

What is your preference? I bet you would have chosen scenario 2. Why?

– it is unique, unlike the usual boring way of presenting.

– audience would feel curious and want to find out more. This gets their attention.

– The presenter asks a question: is my drawing funny? It engages the audience and they must come up with either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer

The presenter has got the audience’s attention from the start – isn’t this hypnosis?


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