Short Post Vs Long Article

When I started my blog, I wrestled between creating daily short blog post or writing long articles.

It is a dilemma. And I finally committed to writing short post.

The reason why I hesitate is because to create short post is SIMPLE BUT NOT EASY. To me, it is easier to write long articles with 600 or more words. It is because you just need to focus on one topic and expand on that topic. Furthermore, it is known that blog post with long articles is good for Search Engine Optimization.

You need to think of 7 topics for your short posts for every 1 long article. For example, if I write long articles, I just need to do it once a week.  But for short posts, I have to be creative to come up with 7 topics every week.

The number is compounding as it gets larger, eg. 10 long articles means 60 topics required for my short post and 100 long articles means 600 short posts.

Perhaps Google should consider giving short posts some credits!


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