Embedded Command

Embedded Command is a command being embedded into a sentence or question that do not come across as telling a person to do something. It is used not in a forceful manner but in a gentle and subtle way. Yet, it carries a command to the person. 

The following are two examples:

”As you become more relaxed, you will become more opened to my words.”

“You will become more opened” is an embedded command.

”As you listen to my words, you are getting ready to accept my suggestions.”

”Getting ready to accept my suggestions” is an embedded command.

“All of you, step up for good!”

Here, you do not feel pressured to do what is being told because the “All of you” refer to everyone in the audience. It does not say only you step up.

“You have seen how I work. You probably feel confident with me handling this issue for you. Do you wish me to represent you…”

The words “seen how I work”, “feel confident”, “represent you” are embedded commands. Is there any pressure tactics used? Definitely not! The statement is a fact and it is also logical that you accept it.

Next – I wonder!

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